What is Community Schemes Legal?

Community Schemes Legal (CSL) is a short-term insurance policy that provides a legal expense insurance solution which has specifically been designed for the needs of Community Schemes. The CSL policy is administerted by Insuresense Consultants (Pty) Ltd (FSP47115) and underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (FSP43638), a registered Short-Term Insurer. Insuresense Consultants and GENRIC Insurance are authorised financial services providers.

What CSL can offer your community?

Your CSL policy opens the door to over 2500 practicing lawyers and entitles your Community Scheme to legal advice as well as legal representation and assistance with litigation in any court or forum anywhere in South Africa. The policy provides:

  • Legal services and legal expense insurance to Community Schemes
  • Cover for legal services to the value of R300 000 per claim / case / matter
  • Comprehensive legal support and advisory services
  • A one-stop, peace-of-mind legal service
  • Advice on legal matters related to Community Schemes
  • Assistance with litigation and legal representation in the High Court, Lower Courts and other Forums
  • Arrear levy collection and related litigation
  • Assistance with Community Schemes Ombud applications
  • Assistance with governance and compliance issues
  • Assistance with dispute resolution and arbitration
  • Assistance with labour matters
  • Preparation and drafting of employment agreements
  • Assistance with general legal matters
  • Written legal opinions
  • Preparation and drafting of commercial agreements
  • Preparation and drafting of agreements with suppliers and service providers
  • Access to our web-based, legal library, which keeps you updated on news and developments within the industry
  • Access to additional value-added services



Services under the CSL policy are provided by a specially vetted, pre-selected panel of top practicing lawyers with more than 5 years’ practical legal experience. Paralegals are not engaged to provide any services under the CSL policy.

Only the Community Scheme itself, as the CSL policyholder, is insured under the policy and entitled to access to the benefits provided in terms of the policy. Individual members of the Community Scheme are not entitled to access those benefits in their individual or personal capacities.